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Let me introduce my self!

Forest paths, lakesides, rugged hills.
Sunbeams, raindrops and wind.
Nature is my inspiration!

I walk in nature using all my senses, enjoying colours and details, landscapes, sounds and scents. I carry the camera with me where ever I go. I am inspired by the complexity of the incredible nature around me, by its artistic details. I then transfer the photos to my computer and combine and edit them boldly. Most of my designs come from nature's own patterns! Some designs have their origin in my nature-inspired drawings and paintings, which I then edit and process digitally.

These pictures and designs take me back to the forest path, where my mind's at ease!

Zirbaslife Design's fabrics are always of highest of quality and printed in Finland, as are our other décor products as well. On the pages of this onlineshop you'll find photos of furniture and décor products with Zirbaslife design and patterns! 

Pureness and silence of the nature is soul food to me. Photography is my passion.

I am a mother of three children, I have a loving husband and a cute dog. We live in southern Finland, quite in a countryside, at Tuusula. I love my life here! Life has given me a lot of good things and I try to remember that with gratitude on a daily basis. I am a professional with early childhood, now the profession changer. In front of me a new and exciting world of an entrepreneur!

I created Zirbaslife Design company that I could carry out my dream and combine naturally compact movement, art, photography and work package. I want to share this prosperity and joy by producing beautiful surfaces for people to meet different needs.I am thinking that I could bring my images through the natural wonders including those whose feet do not carry forest paths.

Come with me to the forest paths!


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